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Face-to-Face Interview Coaching Services for clients in Bristol and the South West at our offices in Bristol City Centre & Aztec West Business Park

CV service testimonialSince 2004 CV Master Careers have successfully provided professional Interview Coaching services to a wide variety of clients in Bristol and the surrounding area. Our skilled Interview Coaches have worked with clients spanning all industry sectors at all career levels from entry level to senior management roles. We are also experts in assisting Graduates to succeed in tough interviews for graduate schemes with leading local firms and global corporations.

You can therefore be confident that we have the experience and expertise to help you progress your career no matter what stage you have reached. Our Coaches can help you to perform better in interview, giving you a vital edge over your competitors and significantly improving your chances of getting the job you want in today's tough job market.

Our Interview Coaching is suitable for all career levels and sectors

During your personalised Interview Coaching session we will first pinpoint exactly which aspects of your interview technique you are having difficulties with before devising an appropriate action plan and working with you to help you improve. We can help you with what to say, how to say it, body language and tone of voice, as well as advising on other aspects of the job interview process such as dress code and building a rapport with the interviewers. This will include teaching you specific techniques to structure and deliver your answers effectively to ensure that you give the best interview performance possible.

With help from our experienced Interview Coaches you can get your dream job

What can we help with?

Typically, clients who come to us for Interview Coaching are finding difficulty with one or all of the following:

Unable to sell your own skills and experience to interviewers effectively?

This could include being unsure about how to answer Competency Based or other tough interview questions (such as those on weaknesses, failures and other random questions intended to catch you out). We can also help you to 'translate' your experience effectively from one type of role to another - This includes helping those transitioning from a Military to a Civilian career.

Not sure how to explain redundancy, gaps in employment or a career change?

In today's challenging economic climate many people are being forced to change career paths or to move back to employment from self-employment or managing their own business. We know it can be tough to explain these career moves at interview but our Interview Coaches can assist you to explain these types of transition and other career dilemmas in a way which will not put off interviewers.

Unsure how to prepare for Assessment Centres?

Many of our clients are unfamiliar with what will be involved or how to prepare effectively for Assessment Centre exercises such as In-Tray Exercises, Verbal Reasoning or Numerical Reasoning tests which form part of many modern interviews, including graduate scheme assessment centres.

Rusty at interviews and confused about what today's employer is looking for?

Many of our Interview Coaching clients have been in the same role for many years and are now faced with the daunting prospect of facing a job interview to secure a new role. As a result, many are nervous about the whole interview process and what will be expected of them as well as being unsure how to present themselves effectively to potential employers. 

Our Interview Coaches have experience within the recruitment industry in Bristol, Swindon and the South West

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How the Face-to-Face Interview Coaching Service Works

Stage 1) 

At the beginning of your session your Interview Coach will ask you some relevant interview questions in order assess your current skill level and identify which areas require the most attention. They will also discuss with you which areas of your interview technique you feel require the most work and what aspects of the interview you are feeling most anxious about.

Stage 2)

Once your Interview Coach has identified the key issues and areas you need help with, they will then work with you to improve your interview technique.

This can include;

  • Guidance on how to research a potential employer before your interview 
  • Preparation of some standard answers to tough questions you may be asked at interview
  • Helping you to formulate your own answers to competency based interview questions
  • Teaching you some techniques to build rapport with the interviewer(s)
  • Providing relevant questions for you to ask a potential employer at interview
  • Providing advice on how to dress to impress
  • Improving your body language 
  • Practical techniques to ensure you arrive on time and fully prepared

Stage 3) 

At the end of the session we will stage a short Mock Interview to allow you to benchmark your progress and practice your new techniques. Because we use real job interview questions throughout you can be assured that you will gain a realistic understanding of your interview performance has improved. 

Follow Up

We also provide you with a wide range of follow-up information after your Interview Coaching session to enable you to continue improving your interview technique in your own time.

This includes:

  • A comprehensive list of over 100 Practice Interview Questions
  • Sample answers to tough interview questions (such as what is your greatest weakness?...biggest failure?...greatest accomplishment? etc...)
  • Several model answers for Competency Based Interview Questions
  • Additional factsheets and information on key techniques for structuring interview answers
  • A list of potential Questions to ask the Interviewer
  • Follow up exercises so that you can continue to work on your skills on your own
  • A FREE copy of our Ultimate Interview Guide (normally £5.99)

Order online now or call 0800 246 1857 for a discussion to see how we can help 

Face-to-Face Interview Coaching Prices 

In order to ensure that we pitch your coaching at the right level, and so that we can give you maximum benefit, we provide Interview Coaching at 3 different levels (as well as providing a specialised service for graduates).

Face-to-Face Interview Coaching Prices

All Interview Coaching sessions are 1 hour - You can book as many sessions as you need

Face-to-Face Interview Coaching sessions can be conducted at our offices in Bristol City Centre or at Aztec West Business Park and are available between 09:00 and 16:30 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) strictly by prior appointment only.

Booking your Interview Coaching Session

To book your Face-to-Face interview Coaching session you can either use our online ordering system, call us on 0800 246 1857 / 0845 003  9557 or email You can find full directions to our offices below but you will also receive a confirmation email with full details of your session time, date and location once your order has been received.

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Our qualified and experienced Interview Coaches can ensure that your interview performance is outstanding, so that you can relax and feel confident

How to Find Us

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M4/M5: 130 Aztec West, Aztec West Business Park, Bristol, BS32 4UB

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Client Testimonial

"Many Thanks for the fantastic service. My interview went amazingly well after our coaching session last week and I wanted to let you know that I have just been offered my dream graduate role with Rolls Royce!" IS (Engineering Graduate, Cardiff)

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