FREE Redundancy Covering Letter Template

If you are looking for a job following redundancy use the template below to help construct a professional covering letter.

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  • FREE CV Template - Click here to download our FREE CV Template in Microsoft Word format.
  • Cover Letter Template - Our Free Cover Letter Template is below.

How to use the Cover Letter Template

Click here to download the Cover Letter Templates in Microsoft Word format.

Below is a guide to how the letter should be laid out. Follow the instructions for each section using information about your self and the job application you are making. If you need further help please email us at


Name of Recipient 
Recipient Job Title
Company Name and Address
Postal Code
Reference Number


Dear Mr/Ms Last Name:

Opening paragraph

You should explain where you saw the vacancy. Use any reference numbers. Briefly summarise your experience and why you are sending them your CV. If a potential employer does not quickly understand how your skills relate to the position it will be difficult for you to gain an interview.

Main body of the letter

You should then outline why you think you are the ideal candidate for this specific position. You should be forging strong links and connections between your skills and their requirements. You need to explain specifically how your skills and experience closely match the job you are applying for. You should be demonstrating that you have read the job description and that you have any essential qualities or qualifications that they are seeking.


You should conclude your covering letter by thanking the employer for considering you for the position. You need to say exactly how you will follow-up. You need to stick to this schedule.


Yours faithfully,

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