Interview Guarantee Terms & Conditions

CV Master Careers offers the following guarantee to all clients using our Professional CV Writing Service:

"We guarantee that you will receive an offer of an interview for your target role within 8 weeks using a CV which we have prepared for you"

If you do not receive an offer of an interview for your target role / role type within this period:

We will assign one of our Professional CV Consultants to work with you to assist you in directly securing an interview for your target role / role type. This will include completing additional work on your CV (if required) as well as supporting and guiding you through other aspects of the application process to ensure that your CV is seen directly by relevant recruiters (including assisting you with searching for suitable vacancies and / or supervising or completing parts of the application process correctly on your behalf).

This guarantee only applies to our Professional CV Writing Service as detailed at 

The Interview Guarantee remains valid only as long as ALL of the following conditions have been satisfied:

  1. You have made unsuccessful applications for at least 30 suitable roles during a period of 8 consecutive weeks (suitable roles are defined as roles which match the criteria of the target role / role types specified by you during your CV Consultation*) - Full details of applications you have made and proof of rejection will be required in order to verify this

  2. You have complied fully with any / all other requirements relating to the applications you have made throughout all stages of the application process

  3. You have received no contact for a period of at least 6 weeks from the closing date for all applications you have made

  4. You have not altered your CV in any way whatsoever prior to submission for any of the applications you have made

  5. You have the required skills and expertise to carry out the roles for which you are applying and to ensure that your application is competitive when judged against other candidates applying for the same roles 

*Applications for roles which do not match the criteria of the target role / role types specified by you during your CV Consultation are not covered by this guarantee


The Interview Guarantee is valid for 3 calendar months from the date which the final copies of your CV are issued

Updates and amendments to your CV will be made based only on information provided during your initial CV Consultation - Additional charges will apply if you would like us to incorporate any additional / new items of information (such as more recent experience or qualifications) which have not previously been provided to us or if you would like us to to tailor your CV towards a different role / role type

Cover Letters and any other accompanying documents produced with your CV are NOT covered by the Interview Guarantee and seperate charges will apply for any updates required to supplementary documents

CV Master Careers reserve the right to offer a 75% refund of fees paid for the Professional CV Writing Service instead of providing the additional support detailed above - This is strictly at the discretion of the CV Master Careers Management

CV Master Careers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

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