Redundancy Support Packages For Business

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Total redundancy support for organisations of any size

Our Redundancy Support Packages are designed for businesses of any size facing any kind of redundancy or restructuring programme. By outsourcing your redundancy support you and your staff are free to concentrate on other issues surrounding such a difficult and challenging time, thus easing the pressure on other resources.

How we can help

We offer the following services:

Redundancy Outplacement

We can provide direct, practical redundancy assistance by helping your staff to produce a CV, prepare them for interview and give them the confidence to get back into the job market successfully. We can also help staff to decide upon possible alternative career paths and give direction on how to find suitable vacancies in their chosen sector.

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Why Use Our Services 

Redundancy can come as quite a shock, especially for those staff with long service records.  Quite simply we can help you to fulfil all of your legal obligations, carry out reductions in staff and ensure that maximum productivity is maintained at a time when you need to harness the loyalty and support of your staff.

We can demonstrate your commitment to your employees, by ensuring that your staff recognise that you are providing support to any affected staff at a very distressing time. This can both reassure the staff that are staying on to work in your organisation and also the ones who are leaving. By rewarding their loyal service this will help protect the company reputation, image and ensure that you are always able to attract the very best employees in the future.

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Rapid Response

We have a full Redundancy Support Programme already prepared and if required we can provide an extremely rapid response. Subject to availability Redundancy Support Packages can potentially be delivered within one week of initial contact from your organisation. 

How The Service Works
  • Initially we will conduct a short consultation to discuss your company's objectives and requirements
  • We will then prepare a comprehensive quotation that addresses and resolves your concerns
  • Once the quotation has been agreed, we will carry out the employee assistance, which can feature any of our existing services or we can design a bespoke package specifically for your organisation
  • On completion of the project we can conclude by providing your company with an evaluation report
  • The flexibility of our service means that we can offer the right service at the right time to participating employees.

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