The CV Master Careers 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeThe 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee applies to our Graduate CV Service, Professional CV Service and International CV Service only. Please see our Aftercare Policy for details of aftercare provided with other services.

Whilst we do not guarantee that you will receive an offer of employment, all documents produced by CV Master Careers are covered by the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which states that: CV Master Careers will continue working on your documents (in accordance with our aftercare policy) until you are satisfied with the outcome.

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee only applies provided that the following conditions are satisfied;

  1. You must allow your CV Consultant reasonable time to make alterations to your CV, the minimum turnaround time for updates and alterations is 1 working day (11 working hours).
  2. You must allow sufficient time to check any draft(s) of your CV before your own deadlne for submission.  In order to enable your CV Consultant to make any changes required you must submit any alteration requests a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the deadline for an employment application for which you are intending to use the CV.
  3. When requested to do so by your CV Consultant, you must provide us with sufficient information to enable us to complete any alterations to your satisfaction. This particularly relates to information regarding specialist terms and techniques which may only be applicable in your industry sector.
  4. You must agree not to alter the draft yourself until you have allowed your CV Consultant to complete any revisions you have requested in accordance with the points above.
  5. You must agree to adhere to any professional advice delivered to you during the CV Consultation or production process regarding the layout, content and use of your CV; if you insist that any alterations are made to your CV which go directly against the advice of your CV Consultant then the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is invaildated immediately.

N.B. The 100% customer satisfaction guarantee only applies to versions of your CV commissioned during your initial CV Consultation. A charge will be made for the preparation of additional versions of the CV. A charge will also be applied if you decide that you would like your CV targetted for another type of role or a different employment sector after your CV has already been completed to your original specifications.

In the event of a complaint please refer to our complaints procedure.