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Client Testimonials 

All testimonials on this page have been sent to us directly by email, posted on our Customer Satisfaction Survey or on our Principal Consultant's LinkedIn Profile.  

Client Reviews of CV Master Careers Professional CV Writing Services

“The CV paid off and I've secured a new Business Analyst role to include a 30% salary increase along with some healthy prospects. I've had countless calls from job sites since you re-invented my CV and have felt almost spoiled for choice in being offered interviews. Prior to your help I received no interest at all. Your work represented the difference between getting noticed and being A.N. Other CV. This translates as £160 extremely well spent. If others can benefit as much as I have from your services it can only be a good thing.” JW, CRM Business Analyst

“A professional service that manages to draw out your skills and attributes. Especially good for people who don't like shouting about their own qualities . Let someone else do it for you.”

“Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the CV produced and the service I received from CV Master Careers. Could be a coincidence but I had an offer of an interview the first and same day I emailed the CV to a potential employer. Would highly recommend.”

“Great work - R.Webb is a star !”

“I am really pleased with my CV. It looks fantastic and I am sure it will have success. The layout and content are well structured and easy to follow, plus it is eye-catching. Thank you Robin and CV Master Careers”

“Absolutely first class service. Robin was extremely helpful in all areas and the turnaround of my CV was very quick”

“Very good, and consultant Robin is really friendly and helpful, pleasure to speak with”

“Good value CV refresh and quick service”

“The service was good and prompt and my CV Consultant was very helpful”

“Fast, efficient, accurate and friendly service. Could not ask for anything more!”

“CV Masters provide a very professional and efficient service. I opted for a personal interview to discuss my requirements and this was arranged very quickly. During my interview, I soon became confident that the consultant was very competent and would provide me with a professionally written CV that accurately reflected our in-depth discussion. The first draft arrived ahead of the deadline given by the consultant and any subsequent alterations that I requested were all returned in a similar timely manner, ahead of the published deadlines, by email. Overall, I am very impressed with the level of service provided and the skill of the consultant that helped me in producing my CV, which neatly encapsulates all the key information that I required in a very nice format. Thank you CV Masters.”

“CV looked great and fitted so much into such a small space!”

“Excellent service”

“I was expecting quit a lot from CV Master service as the prices are fairly expensive and I have to say that the outcome was definitely worth the price. It met my expectations 100%, the service was personal and tailored your exact needs. I am now more confident when applying for a job and now hope to obtain that all important interview. Thank you!”

“I am very pleased with my CV and can recommend using CV Master Careers services.”

“Quick and easy over the phone service, a CV tailored to the needs of the professional body you are aiming for creating an eye catching document that will encourage anyone to read.”

“I have looked through tons of material related to CV writing, spent plenty of my precious time and written my own CV but it definitely loses if compared with the CV prepared for my by CV Master Careers. Great price-quality ratio. THANK YOU!”

“Consultant - listened !! Understood my need and objective; other CV agencies - sense of impatience and desire to put the phone down, trying to promote other products”

“The service has helped me dig deep into my potential and the staff were kind pleasant.”

“After sending my CV to two separate jobs I've got one and was asked for an interview for the other - So that says it all”

“The service was exactly what it said, professional, attentive to the needs of the customers.”

“brilliant service, will keep you informed if CV was successful !!”

“A very good service, a great help and very useful. I feel a lot more confident about sending my CV out now.”

“If I don't get the job I want it won't be because of the CV”

“Service was first class, CV is superb and gives me confidence for when I apply for jobs. Thank you. Deborah”

“Helpful and efficient service. Good insight into what employers are looking for from applicants.”

“CV Master Careers revamped my CV opening doors to lucrative business opportunities... 5 Star Service!!!!” TG, Marketing Professional

“Everything you provided centered around the customer and what they were looking for. Your systematic approach and rigorous processes ensured that you captured everything which was required to produce and deliver a tailored CV, whilst offering excellent value for money and a high quality service. I would use your service again and would recommend your company without hesitation.” JW, Marketing & PR Manager

“CV Master Careers showed me how to write a CV for the UK market targeting specific employment I was after and with great results! Actually they did the whole thing from start to finish. Fast efficient and friendly service which I can recommend to all.” BW, Construction Manager

“I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for CV Master Careers. I first contacted the company in 2010 and have found them to be reliable and conscientious. My CV Consultant helped me step by step and wrote a very successful CV. In short, I would recommend CV Master Careers as a trustworthy business which can be relied upon when life gets difficult in setting up a CV and I am grateful and fortunate to have had the pleasure working with them.” CDM, Sales Support

“Robin is an objective writer who elaborates on potential giving emphasis on your ability to deliver. CVs written by this person are winners one can never go wrong or fail to get interviews. Robin is punctual, a great listener and a helper. Robin delivers way beyond expectation and works well with every individual treating them with respect and giving them undivided attention.” SN, Administrator

“I would like to recommend CV Master Careers to anybody for any CV consultancy services, Robin is very serious, trustworthy consultant and delivers an outstanding quality of services. Even abroad, Robin acts as you are to the next door. Kind regards” ZL, Accountant

“Robin shows a high level of professionalism in his work he is an expert in his field” JT, Retail Manager

“I plucked CV Master Careers out of the so many on the internet, and can satisfactorily say I was very impressed with their work. In the very short time given, they produced astounding results that have had lots of positive effects in my career.” MN, Project Manager

“I am pleased to write this recommendation for Robin Webb of CV Master Careers. I have used Robins' services on a number of occasions, and have found his work to be efficient and effective. I would confidently recommend his services to potential clients”, MH, Network Security Graduate

“Robin is the best in his profession and I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone. Last year I have used a similar type of service provider who left me with a useless CV as the writer was ignoring my comments or arguing they knew better! Robin has listened to my concerns, I felt relevant comments I made were applied to the CV, he also done it all in time ! We managed to produce few copies of my CV which I can truly call a representation of my professional persona and proudly use to apply for roles. Also I would like to mention that thanks to his skilled writing I managed to get an interview within 2 weeks from starting looking! If you need a CV or Cover Letter or both, USE ROBIN !! EK, Junior Project Manager

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks again for the CV you produced for me. I got an interview for every job I applied for using this CV, and in fact was offered every job I had an interview for. Today I have accepted a my dream job at a fantastic company. I really appreciate the work you did for me and believe that the CV you provided was a major reason for my success whilst job hunting" (DC, Cardiff)

"I was so satisfied with the service I received in 2004, now I'm up for promotion CV Master Careers was my first choice" (PC, Manchester)

"Wow! I got such great feedback from online recruiters. I had an interview the next day" (AW, London)

"Thank you for writing my CV and Covering Letter. I was very satisfied with the service from CV Master Careers, which was professional. The CV and Covering Letter were both written very professionally and I thought that the layout of the CV was excellent. As a result of the service I have received, I have recommended you to others, and the agency who the CV was sent to said that it was one of the best written and formatted CV's they had seen! Many Thanks" (RB, Swansea)

"I was offered 3 interviews on the strength of my CV and Covering Letter. I am now happy in my new job" (GH, Bridgend)

"My faith in this type of service is restored! The so-called 'professional CV writing service' I used before made a real mess of my CV and I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Thanks to the help of some real experts I am starting my new job next week" (JK, Birmingham)

"I am so pleased with what you have done, really so impressed , I was thinking of employing myself after reading the CV & Cover Letter. It was really worth it thank you" (BM, Cardiff)

"Thanks guys, really pleased with the CV, applying for the job right now, so fingers crossed." (SH, Cardiff)

"The CV is great, I'm really happy with it. Thanks very much, I will definitely be recommending your to others." (CB, Cardiff)

"The letter and CV both look fantastic, Thank you very much. Thanks again" (PW, Cardiff)

"Thank you very much for the new CV. I am very pleased with it. Good job." (CD, Bromley)

"Thanks for everything. Do you have a VCard you can send over? I would be happy to refer you in the future" (JB, Shepperton)


"Thank you so much, I absolutely love the new CV. I will call you later on today, just a couple of things I want changed nothing major. You have done a great job thanks again." (FK, London)

"Many thanks for the draft CV. I've had a good look at it and I'm very happy with it. The two covering letters are ideal." (JO, Pembrokeshire)

"I have met with a lot of the interviewers from the Adult Development Worker post. All of them said that I had an outstanding CV and application form which answered the questions spot on. I couldn't have done it with out you, once again thanks for all you have done" (ESR, Manchester)

"You are a star! My CV looks fantastic; I am really pleased with the final result" (NE, Cardiff)

"Very professional service, I just got the draft of the Resume and I like it a lot." (CH, New York)

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and assistance with my CV. It looks like an even better and more professional job than I could have ever done!" (KK, Atlanta)

"This is a great service. I would recommend it to anyone!" (OT, Cardiff)

"Everything looks great. I would hire me. Thank you for your hard work" (AW, Dallas)

Client Reviews of CV Master Careers Personal Statement or Application Form Writing Services

“Robin is a competent, responsible and productive CV consultant working for CV Master Careers who delivered services promptly with great precision as exactly what his clients required! With Robin's Personal Statement service provided, I successfully got accepted by the University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College London and the University College London with varies disciplines in 2011. Robin's 30 minutes telephone consultation was very helpful and finally the service he provided was in line with what I wanted to deliver to the reader.” SX, MSc Finance & Risk Management Applicant

"Thank you so much it really was what I was looking for!!!! I will be calling you on Saturday to discuss getting some help with another application form" (NQ, Chigwell)

"The statement is excellent. I am very pleased with it. I should be able to amend it if necessary to suit a particular job specification. I thank you for your help and I will be in touch again with you shortly when I apply for a position for assistance with the application form and the next stage, the interview skills. Kind Regards" (BA, London) 

"Many Thanks for your great works, I appreciate your prompt and well-written work". (SS, Oxford)

"Thank you for your help with the Personal Statement. I now understand better how to justify any quality or skill which is brought forward." (CRD, Methyr Tydfil)

"That is great, thanks. I just hope it now gets me the job. Thanks for your help and for getting it done so quickly." (CK, Wellingborough)

Client Reviews of CV Master Careers Civil Service Comptentcy Based Writing Service

"Thanks for your perseverence and patience in taking a very 'weak' and disjointed set of notes/background, role profiles and competency examples to frame a CV that makes me look a credible candidate on paper which hopefully will open the door to interviews. I realise now that this might just have been a really, really important investment and I am certainly sure you have delivered a far superior product to what would have been a rushed job (and probably unselling what I do)." HL, Director

Thank you so much for my competencies, well put to together, so professional! We get so busy meeting targets and I personally appreciate this extra help that so many aren't aware of in my office, and are struggling to meet the deadline. I will spread the word! EK, Passport Officer

At this point in time and with your assistance with the competencies, my application has been successful at the Sift stage…so it is evidence enough that CVMaster are professional and competence in the services they provide to customers. Will let you know what happens after the Interview, but at least CVMaster has done their part in Excellence. Much obliged and very grateful. KS, Casework Manager

Just to say Thanks for sending draft of EOI so quickly.  You did a great job. I'll let you know how I get on .. Fingers crossed! PS, Decision Maker

Just to let you know I have got through the sift and passed the typing test (all down to you).   Just wondering now if you could assist in a mock interview? SR, County Court Bailiff

Thank you for the quick turnaround. These are absolutely perfect and I certainly couldn’t have done them better. I am more than pleased with your work. Thanks again, saved me so much time my application only took 10 minutes all down to you. I honestly didn’t know such a service existed! If I don’t get that job I will be going for the work coach one which regularly comes up so I may be back for help then. JG, Tax Adviser