Professional CV Writing Services Can Improve Your Career Prospects

Why should someone like you use a Professional CV Writing Service?

It is particularly worth getting assistance if your current CV is not getting the desired response. We can give you an objective opinion and a fresh point of view.

Professional CV Writing Services from CV Master Careers  

Using our professional CV writing services will give you real peace of mind and a vital edge over your competitors. We have the experience you need to help you secure an interview and get the job you want. We have successfully provided CV writing services to individuals from virtually every industry sector, at every career level from graduate to CEO.  

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Is your CV an interview winning CV?

In today's jobs market competition is the fiercest it has ever been

Your CV is likely to be one of tens if not hundreds of CVs submitted for each post advertised. It needs to be able to make you stand out from all of the other applicants enough to ensure that you are short-listed for interview.

In order to get there it needs to go through several stages;

The Paper Sift– This is the first stage undertaken by the recruiter. They will make an initial scan through discarding any CVs which exhibit major errors. This initial scan is primarily to reduce the number of CVs to look at in more depth. If the CV has ANY errors it is likely to be rejected. This part of the process is very quick, especially for experienced recruiters.

The Scan – Stage two, all of the remaining CVs are scanned, each document will receive approximately 10-30 seconds of attention, if timescales allow. Time is money and you have a very short window of opportunity. Recruiters will look for the key information and will discard CVs which do not provide the information they are looking for. If your CV is poorly written, or ‘hiding’ information amongst irrelevant waffle your CV will be discarded.

The Shortlist – If your CV has made it this far it will now need to wow the recruiter, who will analyse your skills, experience and achievements in more detail. Your CV needs to be able to persuade the Recruiter that they cannot afford not to interview you. This can be the hardest part of the process. Inevitably in today's market there will be other applicants either as experienced, or even more experienced than you. Does your CV have what it takes to get you an interview?

Does your CV get noticed for the right reasons?

The way that a CV is laid out changes over time. You must ensure that your CV is produced in an up to date format, otherwise you risk being labelled as dated and out of touch. Our consultants are experts in producing CVs in a modern hi-tech format suitable for today’s job market.

Recruiters will be looking for certain pieces of information in your CV upon which they will base their decisions on whether to interview you or not. Our experienced consultants have recruitment experience and are therefore ideally placed to know exactly which information to include or emphasise and what to leave out.

Why choose CV Writing Services from CV Master Careers

  • All of our consultants are full time CV writing experts with over 15 years of professional CV writing experience and IRP qualifications
  • Prices for our Professional CV Writing Services are based on salary and start from as little as £59.99
  • Our CV writing services have been used successfully by individuals from virtually every industry sector
  • We have an excellent success rate in gaining interviews for our clients

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